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ytka publishingYtka Publishing started as an online publishing company focusing on SEO and internet marketing. Ytka Publishing has risen from the ashes of that period to become an Indie publishing house, helping independent authors to get their works published and promoted.

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Our Services

website design servicesYour website is your calling card to potential customers. Having a well designed site that is both informative as well as attractive to all your customer’s senses is important. This means that your website needs to appeal to your customers emotionally and make them want, need, desire and almost crave what you have to offer them. Does your present website do this? Is your present website hitting on all cylinders?

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Your Business

seo services company

While there are many companies offering SEO services, we feel that we are unique in the industry in that we never started out as a website design or SEO company. We never thought that we would wind up here and we never considered offering our services to the general public.

While we think that we are your best choice for your website design and SEO services because of both our experience and our desire to truly help your business, we don’t expect you to take our word for it. We want to show you what we can do…

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